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Wills, Probate & Administration of Estates

We can provide you with expert and comprehensive advice on all aspects related to making a will and to ensure it covers your wishes in respect of how you would like your property, assets and other wealth to be dealt with upon your death.

It is very important to make a will at the earliest possible stage to ensure your wishes are clearly documented and you loved ones are properly provided for as you intended.

If you do not make a will then any assets will be distributed to surviving relatives in accordance with the law on intestacy meaning that your estate could be distributed or divided in a way you may not have wished for.

Some of the questions to consider prior to making a will include:

1. Who would you like to deal with your estate after your death? These parties are known as Executors of your will.
2. How would you like your estate to be divided and have you specific items you would like to be left to specific people?
3. Have you children under 18? Have you considered a legal guardian if anything were to happen to both parents of the child?
4. Have you considered any charities in your will?

There are numerous other queries we can assist you with if you decide to proceed with making a will with us.

Probate and administration of estates

We appreciate the death of a loved one is a traumatic and difficult time and we will try and assist you as much as possible in providing clear advice in a sympathetic manner.

When someone dies and leaves a will we will ascertain the deceased’s wishes and intentions, gather in the assets and distribute these in accordance according to the law and the deceased’s wishes.

Sometimes people die without making a will. Where this happens we advise clearly regarding the law around intestacy and thereafter distribute any assets in accordance with the law.

Sometimes disputes arise in probate situations where someone may feel that they have not been provided for. We can assist with any disputes which can arise in this regard.

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