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Sectoral Employment Orders – Do you work in Construction, Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Contracting?

If the answer is yes you need to be familiar with Sectoral Employment Orders.

What are they? In essence these are Orders covering rates of pay, sick pay, and pensions across the construction sector, the mechanical engineering sector and the electrical sector. They were signed into law following recommendations from the Labour Court.

For those working in the Electrical contracting sector, with effect from 1 September 2019, all relevant Contracting Firms must

  • pay workers (categories of workers are defined in the Order) the rates of pay provided in the order and to
  • provide a pension and sick pay scheme

Employers and employees should also note that the Order also contains a dispute resolution procedure to be used where a dispute could arise in respect of any aspect of the Order.

With effect from 6 March 2018, for those working in the Mechanical Engineering Construction Sector, the Order applies to the Building Services Contracting Sector as defined in the order and makes it compulsory for relevant Contracting Firms (as defined) to

  • pay workers (category of workers as defined) the rates of pay provided in the order and to
  • provide a pension and sick pay scheme

Again there is a procedure in place to deal with any disputes which could arise.

Finally, effect from 1 October 2019, a new Order will come into effect S.I. No in the Construction Sector. It applies to all Building Firms and Civil Engineering Firms as defined in the order and provides for rates of pay, working time, overtime payments, pension entitlements and sick pay entitlements.

A full copy of the Sectoral Orders can be found in the attached link. If you unsure about your entitlements or whether the Orders apply to you we are happy to explain these in somple terms to you if you want to simply call our office on +353 1 517 5900.


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