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National Minimum Wage (Low Pay) Commission Bill 2015

The Government have recently published the National Minimum Wage (Low Pay Commission) Bill 2015, the purpose of which is to amend the National Minimum Wage Act 2000 to provide for the establishment of a body to be known as the Low Pay Commission to advise on setting a national minimum wage and to provide for related matters.The principle function of the Low Pay Commission will be on an annual basis, to examine and make recommendations to the Minister on the national minimum wage and to secure that the national minimum wage is adjusted incrementally over time having had regard to changes in earnings, productivity,overall competitiveness and the likely impact any adjustment will have on employment and unemployment levels.The Low Pay Commission may also be requested by the Minister to examine andreport its view and recommendations on such matters related generally to the functions of the Commission under the Act. This work programme will be presented to the Commission within the first two months of each year.

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