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Indirect Discrimination – Asylum Seeker

The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission has welcomed as significant the decision of the Workplace Relations Commission in a case of an asylum seeker who was refused a learner driver licence.The Commission provided legal representation to the man in his successful case.WRC adjudicator Jim Dolan stated that “Indirect discrimination happens where a person or group are treated less favourably as a result of requirements that they may find hard to satisfy; as occurs in this case wherein asylum seekers cannot apply for driver’s licenses because the identification documents required by the Respondent preclude asylum seekers from applying for a driver’s license”. The effect of this indirect discrimination was to deny this man, a non-EEA national, of the means to learn how to drive and therefore to earn a living.https://www.ihrec.ie/asylum-seeker-refused-driver-licence-experienced-discrimination-on-the-grounds-of-race/

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