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Paid Sick Leave from 1 January 2023

The new entitlement to paid sick leave from an employer comes into effect from 1 January 2023.

Whilst the Sick Leave Act, 2022 was signed into law on 20 July 2022, the entitlement to sick pay comes into effect today. Up until now, Ireland was one of the few countries in the EU that did not place a statutory obligation on employers to pay sick leave. 

From today, 1 January 2023, workers will be entitled to up to 3 days of sick leave in a year, paid at 70% of gross salary up to a cap of €110. It is intended that the entitlement will rise to up to 10 days sick leave in a year by 2026.

Where an employee has an extended period of illness, the scheme will operate with the existing illness benefit system which kicks in on day four of an absence.  Once the employee has exhausted their entitlement to paid sick leave, they will move onto illness benefit, if eligible.

It should be noted that this is the minimum standard that an employer must provide and an employer is always free to have a superior sick pay scheme or to pay employees more than the minimum entitlement.

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