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Employers – Hiring International Protection Applicants or Asylum Seekers

Many employers may not be aware that 10 December 2021 was World Human Rights Day and the day upon which the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (along with ICTU and IBEC) published a very useful guide on hiring International Protection Applicants or asylum seekers.

Since June 2018, asylum seekers have been granted the right to work in Ireland and this represents and incredible opportunity for employers to access a pool of talent which had not been available up to then. Many asylum seekers have qualifications in their chosen field along with experience which has effectively remained dormant prior to this date. As well as various languages and the opportunity to provide a cultural dimension to any business, unfortunately many asylum seekers still find it difficult to access employment in some instances.

The vast majority of businesses can employ an International Protection Applicant with a valid in-date Labour Market Access Permission (with some exceptions). In addition, an employer cannot employment an applicant unless, on the date of employment, 50% or more of the employees in their business are EU, EEA or Swiss nationals.

The guide sets out the steps to recruitment, the supports available as well as making the workplace more inclusive.

If you are considering hiring or are an international applicant seeking employment and looking for some guidance or advice, please don’s hesitate to contact the office.

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