Dismissal Disability and Reasonable Accommodation – Award of Two Year’s Salary

The  recent case of A Shop Assistant v A Hardware and Tool Hire Store is very useful for summarising the law where an employee is absent on sick leave. The employee in this case made complaints in respect of bullying at work but was ultimately dismissed for failing to provide [...]

Unfair Dismissal – Award of €56,000 for Failure to Consider Alternatives to Redundancy

In the April case of a A Former Sales Manager v A Horse Products Sales Company an employee who was given insufficient time to consider an alternative role was awarded €56,000 for unfair dismissal. Whilst the employee received a letter in respect of her redundancy, it was explained that the [...]

Unfair Dismissal and Award of €36,400 – A Timely Reminder for Employers

A General Operative v A Distributor is a recent case before the Workplace Relations Commission which highlights the failures of an employer to follow proper and fair procedure. A litany of failures was reported in this case. The employer (Respondent) in this case alleged that the employee (complainant) presented with [...]

Unfair Dismissal and Reinstatement for Nurse in recent Workplace Relations Commission Case

This recent case of A Nurse v A Hospital  concerned the dismissal of a nurse who was employed in a specialist long term unit. It was alleged that an elderly vulnerable resident was left unsupervised in an unsuitable chair and restrained there and that this was a breach of the [...]

Childminders and Code of Practice for Protecting Persons Employed in Other Person’s Homes

The recent case of A Childminder v Parents serves as a reminder to those employing persons in their home that the Code of Practice for Protecting Persons Employed in Other People’s Homes (2017) is applicable and that those working in domestic settings are entitled to the same employment law protections [...]

Protected Disclosure – Employee Awarded 7,500

In a recent case published by the Workplace Relations Commission this month, An Acting Inspector v A Transport Company, (ADJ-00023015), the Complainant (employee) was awarded  €7,500 under the Protected Disclosures Act. Background The Complainant (employee) commenced employment with the Respondent (employer) on 22 April, 2013 and worked as an Acting [...]

Failure to Pay Wages Lead to Unfair Dismissal

The recent case of An Employee v An Academic Instititution ADJ-00021244 highlights the dangers for an employer of presuming that an employee has resigned or intends to resign. In this case the employer stopped paying the employee thus leading to the end of the contract of employment. The Adjudicator at [...]